Brief & Concept

As part of my Master's Degree, our first project was a smaller version of a Design Sprint. To keep it short and too the point, we had 48h to come up with a digital product that could help students in their day to day lives. So we made ReFresh. Refresh is a simple concept that allows the user to add ingredients that he has in his home and based on those ingredients, ReFresh suggests a list of recipes he could follow using those ingredients.
Refresh, therefore, reduces waste at the same time as helping the user.



Colour codes of the app


We used the Roboto font for this app. This makes for a more natural reading rhythm more commonly found in humanist and serif types.

image of the roboto font


Here are a couple of shots from the app we made.

image of an iphone mockup

Shoot me a message if you have some feedback or suggestions ✌️

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