Background & Concept

This project was part of my two year University Degree in Multimedia and Internet studies. It was my first project working with a real client. Our client was Lecsavate Limoges a local boxing club. We were tasked with creating a new website, at the same time as allowing them to easily modify the content of their site. With this in mind we built our own wordpress template.

Myself and three colleagues worked on the project over three months from December to February of 2017.


The club already had their own colours and a new logo, which they wanted to make visible on their website.


Colour codes of the website and the club


We developed the font style based on Open Sans. Its size and styles are displayed below.

Typography used by website


Below are the first set of wireframes we made. We proceeded in a mobile first workflow, and later animated them using Axure RP.

Image of wireframes for website

This was my very first experience with Webdesign. You can check out the website at Lecsavate.

Thank you for checking this project out, shoot me a message if you have some feedback or suggestions ✌️

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