Brief & Concept

In a team of 5, we were asked to find a digital solution to cyberbullying. Our product had to not only tackle the important problem that is cyberbullying, but also allow for a way to receive donation to associations & charities. Here is Chat'Away.


What is cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is a form of harassment, which as its name suggests, takes place on the web. It is found especially via sms and social networks. The prevention of harassment and the fight against harassment is a major issue especially in education because students are often the most vulnerable. Cyber-harassment is defined as "an aggressive, intentional act perpetrated by an individual or a group of individuals through electronic forms of communication, repeatedly against a victim who can not easily defend himself alone" ". Cyber-harassment is practiced via mobile phones, instant messengers, forums, chats, online games, e-mails, social networks, photo sharing site, etc. It can take many forms such as: - intimidation, insults, mockery or threats online - the spread of rumors - account piracy and digital identity theft - creating a discussion topic, group, or page on a network social against a classmate - posting a photo or video of the victim in bad shape

What problem did we face?

How to protect users from acts of cyber-violence by hiding the disruptive elements?

Our Concept

After doing some research and asking organisations about the subject, we were quickly told that people who are victim of these types of harassments cannot simply ignore the messages and threats. Therefore, we asked ourselves, what if you simply couldn't see the mean messages? Our product then developed into a desktop & mobile app that hid the disruptive content completely from the user's interfaces. Now this brought up a number of problems, both technical and ethical. Technically we would need to develop and train an algorithm capable of understanding which messages to hide. On the ethical side of things, this could be associate to censorship. In order, to solve this problem, the user will be notified that certain content has been hidden, and they can choose to see it anyway or not, meaning the messages are no longer censored and this could be helpful if the algorithm mistakenly hides a normal message.
To sum up, our product is an algorithm you can download onto your devices that hides disruptive content.

Macro-planning & Objectives

image of a macro planning

Website structure

image of a websites structure

Technical specifications

image of technical specifications

Brand Guidelines


image of technical specifications


image of technical specifications


image of technical specifications


image of technical specifications



image of an iphone mockup image of an iphone mockup


image of an iphone mockup image of an iphone mockup


We took our prototype to the streets and had a bunch of people test it let in order to get a better understanding of what was missing and what needed to be improved. We used two methods. The first was making them test the product on their phone & laptop. For the second method, we printed our prototypes and cut them out in mobile sized cardboard cards. Turns out, this was extremely practical and easy to use method for future projects !
We gathered all the feedback from our tests and are now working on building a second and more efficient version.

Thank you for checking this project out, shoot me a message if you have some feedback or suggestions ✌️

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